Carpet Cleaning
Whether it is the smallest office, a massive casino, or airport terminals, A to Z is equipped to handle it all.  Our “state of the art” truck mounted equipment has the capability of utilizing four, “one thousand foot lines” per machine.  This allows us to deep clean and cover more square footage per hour, minimizing the inconvenience to not only you, but your clientele.  Our Certified Master Technicians are capable of scheduling all work around your needs as we are available 24/7. 

Drapery and Upholstery Cleaning
Our Master Technicians are capable of cleaning the finest fabrics with confidence and know-how.  Our expertise allows us to determine the proper method of application needed, whether it is “dry” or “wet” cleaning.   All commercial cleaning is done with the utmost care and includes the reapplication of any “fire retardant”.   Our proven results are our best testimony.

Chandelier Cleaning
A to Z specializes in cleaning chandeliers.  Unlike our competitors who spray them with cleaning solutions and allow them to drip dry, we carefully and meticulously disassemble each piece.  Once they are soaked, rinsed and dried, we reassemble them back to their original state. Use of proper equipment and trained personnel allow us the luxury of doing the job well and with extraordinary results.

Power Washing
A to Z is equipped to power wash sidewalks, patio areas, driveways, dumpster enclosures, etc.  Included in our fleet of trucks is a massive truck unit specifically designed and dedicated to perform this function.   Qualified operators will clean and remove all debris in an efficient and timely manner.

Mold Remediation or Testing Services
Aztec Restoration, a subsidiary of A to Z, is equipped to specialize in mold remediation and water damage caused by floods for both commercial and residential structures.  The staff is scientifically trained, versed in identifying issues and able to provide solutions to existing problems.  We offer pre-sale inspections and testing for mold.  We are also equipped to work with insurance companies to help you, the home-owner or business, with problems beyond your scope.  Once restored, we are able to do post testing through viable and non-viable air sampling.